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For the augmentation of websites, an impeccable marketing tool to this “new age internet technology” is blogging. For many companies blogging is a way to ensure a great SEO score. Furthermore, a blog is a crucial method to interact with the customers as well as peers.

A blog allows you to share news, updates and distinctive offers allowing you to have direct contact with the customers. A customer can connect with the website by commenting on specifications and articles. Trust is a key to the company’s success thus the blog websites having to be personal in nature aids in building trust and credibility.

We, at iNet Business Hub, provide one of the best blog website designs and services in Haryana.

Broadly there are two categories of blogs developed by iNet Business Hub :

  • Personal Blogs- As the name suggests, this blog offers individuals the liberty to add a personal touch and express their viewpoints as well as opinions. With the advent of social media networks and Web 2.0, personal blogs run-of-the-mill. The best aspect of such a blog is that these provide economical succor to some clients. One needs expertise, brilliance, and accomplishments to create its blog.
  • Corporate Blogs- Being in a business industry blogging act as a powerful tool as it provides you with an opportunity to announce the inauguration of new products, promotion of the product and initiatives. If a corporate blog is SEO friendly it aids in earning higher SEO ranks and maximum exposure to the customers. Working on a corporate blog would be per your existing website or we can create a fresh website just for you.
We, here at iNet Business Hub develop blogs to multiply the occurrence of interaction with our valuable customers and an array of options.

Our blog customization package offers the following:
  • RSS feed – it allows the readers to be up to date.
  • If offers blogs to categorized and tagged properly.
  • Validation of comments- now it’s up to you whether to approve a comment or not.
  • SEO friendly
  • Possibilities of sharing.
  • Uploading automatically to twitter and facebook.
  • Addition of extra specifications as well.